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358Re: package for MacOS X

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  • Gregory Seidman
    Oct 31, 2001
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      Benji Fisher sez:
      } Gregory Seidman wrote:
      } > Are they compiled with Unix integration? You can :r !command and :.!command
      } > and all that sort of stuff?
      } Some shell escapes work and others do not. I think the console version
      } is better than the carbon version this way. I will have to make a list...

      Hrm. I'd be interested to know which do and don't, and why.

      } > I realized after I posted the previous message that I didn't really mean
      } > packaged. A .tgz of the binaries and vim directory, in their places in
      } > /usr/local, is really what I meant (i.e. one would untar from / and the
      } > files would all go in the right places).
      } That is easy enough.

      Perhaps that can go on http://www.vim.org/binaries.html (soon? please?)

      } > I know I ran across a console-only package of vim for MacOS X at some
      } > point, and I think it was at Apple's site, so I don't see why the
      } > terminal+Carbon version shouldn't be. Besides, emacs is available on
      } > Apple's software site, so vim certainly should be.
      } I am reluctant to post to Apple's site until the problems I
      } mentioned above have been addressed. I might think otherwise after I
      } post something and get some feedback. I would also prefer an "OS
      } X-friendly" package for that sort of distribution. For that, I need a
      } HOWTO...

      Mm. I looked around for info on Apple's site and didn't find any, but I did
      find the following:


      It looks like evaluation copies are available for both. I don't know how
      limited either one is. I'm sure there's a way to produce an Installer
      package, but looking at the internals of one it isn't exactly transparent.
      There is clearly some method to the madness, but I can't figure it out
      right off. I'll try to find documentation at Apple.

      } --Benji Fisher
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