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3560Re: Problem with spell highlighting in gvim 7.0aa on Mac OS 10.3.9 and 10.4.2

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  • Jussi Hagman
    Oct 24, 2005
      On 24.10.2005, at 13:47, Chris Allen wrote:

      > On 24/10/05, Jussi Hagman <jhagman@...> wrote:
      > Ah, interesting. Apple Type Services for Unicode Imaging -- that is
      > probably the problem I have (on 10.3) where underlining and bold do
      > not work when compiled with +multibyte. I had previously just assumed
      > that underlining and bold did not work at all using the OS X GUI

      Well, that must be the reason then. :(

      I would guess with some fiddling with the code you can use multibyte
      with the QuickDraw textrendering, but it too could have some issues.
      I have provisional simple patches for undercurl and italic which I'll
      post soon. The italic patch works just with the QuickDraw rendering..

      Does the ATSUI rendering produce anti-aliased text on vim7 on 10.3?
      On 10.4 I get only jagged glyphs.


      Jussi Hagman, jhagman@..., iChat/AIM: jussihagman, ICQ: 54004113
      Studentbyn 4 D 33, 20540 Åbo, Finland +358 50 56 51 170
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