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35Re: vim 56 - Japanese version

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Apr 3, 2000
      Kenichi Asai wrote:

      > It seems that I succeeded in making Japanese version of Vim 5.6 on
      > Macintosh. Here I would like to report what I did.

      That is very nice. I looked through your changes and it they appear to be
      small. However, a few changes look like they might cause problems when used
      in another environment (not Macintosh or not multi-byte).

      I suggest distributing this as a patch on top of the available Vim version for
      a while. Perhaps you can improve it further if remarks are made. I can
      include the changes in the main Vim distribution after some confidence is
      build up.

      Your detailed description of the changes is very good! Please update it when
      making further changes.

      For people in vim-multibyte who want to see the original message, go to the
      vim-mac archive: http://www.egroups.com/group/vim-mac

      > - I would like to distribute the binary for this Japanese vim on my
      > homepage, because there seems to be some people who actually want to
      > use it. Would this be possible?

      Vim can be distributed freely. That also applies to modified versions.

      > - Do I need any statement on copyright? I do not need any copyright
      > on the diff files I made, so please use it in anyway (but without any
      > warranty).

      I would not worry about copyright. If you would not want others to use this,
      you would not have send it to this list.

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