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3498Re: swap files cause vim 6.3 crash

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  • Jussi Hagman
    Sep 1, 2005
      On 1.9.2005, at 19.57, Stephen Riehm wrote:

      > On 01.09.2005, at 17:10, Jussi Hagman wrote:
      >> Well, this is almost identical to the crash you were experiencing
      >> before. Vim tries to show a dialog and there is a crash,
      >> intrestingly also this time not inside actual vim code but inside
      >> Apple's HIToolbox code. Maybe we are calling it wrongly but there
      >> definitely should not be a crash. So there is also a bug from
      >> Apple's part.
      > Hi,
      > definitely check the way vim calls apple's API.

      I'm gonna do that and search apple's carbon-dev list archives for
      possible similar issues

      > I'm not suggesting that someone swapped parameters somewhere, but
      > any data that gets past to an API does have to be Just Right™.

      Well, the thing that makes this hard is that I can't reproduce the
      problem is there anyone else than Chris seeing this problem? Any
      additional info of affected machines could help finding this bug.

      > It's tedious work, but that's where I would start, possibly using
      > the checkin history to localise recent changes.

      In vim 6.3 there aren't really recent changes. AFAIK the last change
      is from last year.

      To me it seems that something in Chris' system is making the bug
      visible. But I'll start with reading the code.


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