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3495Re: swap files cause vim 6.3 crash

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  • Jussi Hagman
    Sep 1, 2005
      On 31.8.2005, at 19.07, Chris Fonnesbeck wrote:
      > I am using the latest 6.3 binary for OSX on Tiger, and am experiencing
      > regular crashes whenever vim encounters a file with an associated swap
      > file. The crash occurs every time. Here is the crash report:

      Well, this is almost identical to the crash you were experiencing
      before. Vim tries to show a dialog and there is a crash, intrestingly
      also this time not inside actual vim code but inside Apple's
      HIToolbox code. Maybe we are calling it wrongly but there definitely
      should not be a crash. So there is also a bug from Apple's part.

      I'll try to look a bit into this, but I probably can't do much given
      that I can't reproduce the bug :(


      Jussi Hagman, jhagman@..., iChat/AIM: jussihagman, ICQ: 54004113
      Studentbyn 4 D 33, 20540 Åbo, Finland +358 50 56 51 170
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