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345Re: VIM on Mac OS X

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  • Eugene Lee
    Oct 25, 2001
      On Thu, Oct 25, 2001 at 02:24:08PM -0400, Benji Fisher wrote:
      : Eugene Lee wrote:
      : >
      : > $ cd vim60
      : > $ for a in ../6.0.*; do patch -p1 < ${a}; done
      : I still think it should be -p2.

      The README in the patches directory suggests this:

      Before patching, change to the top Vim directory, where the "src"
      and "runtime" directories are located.
      Depending on the version of "patch" that you use, you may have add
      an argument to make it patch the right file:
      patch -p < 5.5.001
      patch -p0 < 5.5.001

      BTW, I never follow the vim60/vim60.1/etc. convention of renaming the
      top-level Vim directory. I always find it more confusing. :)

      Eugene Lee
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