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342Re: VIM on Mac OS X

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  • Benji Fisher
    Oct 25, 2001
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      Eugene Lee wrote:
      > On Mon, Oct 15, 2001 at 01:09:30PM -0400, david craig wrote:
      > :
      > : I'd like vim available in terminal. Any guidance would be appreciated.
      > : This is separate (or is it?) from a carbonized version of MacVIM.

      Here is a modification of Eugene Lee's instructions. The main changes
      are to the method of applying patches (which still gives some warning
      messages, I am not sure why) and using the default shell (tcsh)

      0) making a working directory

      $ mkdir vim-work
      $ cd vim-work

      1) download the source

      $ curl -O ftp://ftp.us.vim.org/pub/vim/unix/vim-6.0-rt1.tar.gz
      $ curl -O ftp://ftp.us.vim.org/pub/vim/unix/vim-6.0-rt2.tar.gz
      $ curl -O ftp://ftp.us.vim.org/pub/vim/unix/vim-6.0-src1.tar.gz
      $ curl -O ftp://ftp.us.vim.org/pub/vim/unix/vim-6.0-src2.tar.gz

      I used

      $ ftp ftp.rge.com
      ftp> cd pub/editors/vim/unix
      ftp> mget vim-6.0*

      Next time, I will get the bzipped version: just one file, and smaller
      total size. You can get bzip2 from
      (and also a pre-compiled terminal version of vim).

      2) unpack the files:

      $ gnutar zxf vim-6.0-rt1.tar.gz
      $ gnutar zxf vim-6.0-rt2.tar.gz
      $ gnutar zxf vim-6.0-src1.tar.gz
      $ gnutar zxf vim-6.0-src2.tar.gz

      3) download the patches

      $ for a in `jot -w%03d 11`; do curl -O
      ftp://ftp.us.vim.org/pub/vim/patches/6.0.${a}; done

      That looks like bourne syntax; I used ftp again, hitting <Enter> a couple
      of dozen times...

      4) apply the patches

      $ cd vim60
      $ for a in `jot -w%03d 11`; do patch -p1 < ../6.0.${a}; done

      I think that should be -p2. In tcsh,

      % gunzip 6.0*gz
      % cd vim60
      % foreach a (../6.0*)
      foreach -> patch -p2 <${a}
      foreach -> end

      5) build and install

      $ ./configure
      $ make
      $ sudo make install

      This works like a charm.

      --Benji Fisher
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