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3401Re: Tiger rendering problems

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  • Da Woon Jung
    Jun 12, 2005
      I got around to testing a patch to accelerate text drawing calls, with
      Beam Sync both on and off. The patch works, providing as much as 30%
      speedup but if beam sync is turned on that advantage is just about
      negated. A Shark session reveals that several drawing calls
      (EraseRect() -> CGContextSynchronize()) are needlessly bunched
      together by Tiger, preventing regular processing of other events

      I think this can be solved by implementing a timer during scrolling
      (and don't draw between timer cycles), but it just feels like a hack.
      Coders programming normal apps like text editors shouldn't have to
      think like they're programming a game. I'm making several inquiries
      elsewhere to see if there's anything better that could be done

      Has anyone on the vim-mac list been to WWDC 2005? I wish I could've been there.

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