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340Re: new developer, longtime user

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  • Zdenek Sekera
    Oct 24, 2001
      Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      > Benji Fisher wrote:
      > > Gregory Seidman wrote:
      > > > 3) support for what emacs calls multiple "frames" and what I would call
      > > > multiple windows except "windows" already means something else
      > >
      > > This has been suggested before. There are problems with it, starting
      > > with the problem of making it portable. The change in paradigm may be
      > > an even more serious problem. I do not think you will get much
      > > support with this, at least not from Bram.
      > Oh, you have my support for attempting to implement this, trying various
      > alternatives and showing how it works. But I won't include anything
      > unless I'm convinced all major issues are taken care of (such as how to
      > deal with typing ":" commands and what to do with their output. And can
      > each frame be in a different mode?)

      That already should take care of a few of your weekends, Greg :-)
      But, no doubt, it would be a great feature.

      Neil Bird wrote:

      > Maybe I'm being dense, but how would a multi-headed gvim
      > actually differ from merely running multiple gvims?

      E.g. can't edit the same file in different gvim's, can't share
      marks, what have you....and surely more.

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