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34Re: vim 56 - Japanese version

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  • ASAI Kenichi
    Apr 3, 2000
      Dear Mac-Vim developpers,

      I received an e-mail asking the exact release of my CodeWarrior
      compiler. It is:

      CodeWarrior Professional (Academic) Release 5

      Although I bought a Japanese version, I believe I installed only
      English version. (To install Japanese version, I first have to
      install English version, and then Japanese version on top of it (which
      I did not do)). This is all the information my package says. If this
      information is not sufficient, please ask me again (together with
      how to find it).

      I was also advised to read ":help copying" to see about copyright and
      binary distribution. As I understand, it is OK to distribute the
      binaries I made as long as the changes are available, so I made them
      available in my homepage at:


      If you noticed any problem, please let me know.


      Kenichi Asai
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