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3398Re: Tiger rendering problems

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  • Jussi Hagman
    Jun 10, 2005
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      On 2.6.2005, at 17:58, Nicholas Cole wrote:

      > I use vim on both Linux and the OS X platforms, and the speed of
      > rendering is certainly a problem on the Mac.

      The current speed problem with Tiger seems to be because of a new
      thing called coalesced updates was introduced in Tiger. It seems to
      be a bit controversial implementation that blocks the screen
      rendering so that it can be synchronized with the beam. Another
      source of lack of speed is the fact that even when the keyboard
      repeat rate is set to fastest it is still quite slow.

      The worst problems are seen when both lazyupdate and showcmd options
      are set. Unsetting one of them will help as turning the beam
      synchronization off with Quartz Debug (that is provided with
      Developer Tools). One could also try setting scrolljump setting to a
      bit bigger number.

      These are not permanent solutions. We'll work for providing a better
      one when we have the time, hopefully soon.


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