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3367Re: Tiger rendering problems

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  • Jussi Hagman
    Jun 1 4:18 AM
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      On 1.6.2005, at 6:58, Matthew Gilbert wrote:

      > Sounds like a good plan to me. Being new to mac development I
      > wasn't sure if QuickDraw was a legacy API. After a brief read
      > through developer.apple.com I'm still not sure.

      Well, Apple is giving a bit of mixed signals on this one. A year ago
      in WWDC they said loud and clear that QuickDraw is going to be
      deprecated[1] in Tiger. They would be doing no new development to it
      and they would not break it. What happened when Tiger was out was
      that the deprecation was not announced widely. For example I do not
      get any warnings about that while compiling Vim but on the other hand
      in "Introduction to Quartz Programming..."[2] there is a note that QD
      is deprecated.

      And apparently they did something that caused Vim to break. Not nice,
      maybe I should file a bug although they seldom help much.

      > It sounds like maybe drawing should be moved to Quartz 2d?

      Yes, I think so. Da Woon Jung is already doing the transition at
      least partly, in vim7 (at least the last time I checked) he used QD
      and ATSUI, which is another of the many text APIs on OS X. ATSUI is
      not going away any time soon.

      > Sounds good, hopefully the speed problem can be fixed without
      > resorting to a new API.

      Hopefully it is possible if not then it will take some more time.

      > One last thing to figure out is how you'd like to collaborate. Do
      > you want to simply send patches back and forth or use something
      > like darcs? I'm open to whatever.

      Well, sending patches is not something I'd like to do. But on the
      other hand darcs, which I've tested briefly, sounds like a very good
      idea. If you are more familiar with darcs you could contact me on or
      off the list about setting it up.

      I can't share the darcs repository directly from my powerbook, but I
      guess it's possible to just rsync the repository to a website for
      sharing with others, right?

      > I look forward to hear how its going with the new build fixes.
      > Thanks _matt

      Probably the first point should be setting up darcs and then
      proceeding with the rest.

      Below you'll find my iChat screenname which could be a way to discuss
      in a faster manner.


      [1] http://stream.qtv.apple.com/events/jun/wwdc_2004_qt_sotu/
      wwdc_2004_gm_sotu_ref.mov (about 31:00 - )
      [2] http://developer.apple.com/documentation/Carbon/Conceptual/
      QuickDrawToQuartz2D/tq_intro/chapter_1_section_1.html (first page,
      btw, thanks for the link Matthew)

      Jussi Hagman, jhagman@..., iChat/AIM: jussihagman, ICQ: 54004113
      Studentbyn 4 D 33, 20540 Åbo, Finland +358 50 56 51 170
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