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  • Gregory Seidman
    Oct 23, 2001
      Hey there. I'm trying to get ramped up on the vim codebase so I can achieve
      the following goals:

      1) a frontend for OpenStep/GNUstep/MacOS X, comparable to the Motif and GTK

      2) supporting multiple frontends conveniently (this may be a build issue,
      actually, but I'd like to be able to run 'gvim' under MacOS X and if
      DISPLAY is defined it would use an X11 frontend and otherwise it would
      use the Aqua frontend I want to build)

      3) support for what emacs calls multiple "frames" and what I would call
      multiple windows except "windows" already means something else

      4) minor IPC features, mainly the option to deiconize and raise an
      existing session when attempting to run vim on a file that is already
      open in a running vim (this is more complicated than it sounds,
      especially under X11)

      I don't know when I'll find the time to do all these things. I'd like to
      know now, however, whether anyone is interested in these features and
      whether any work has begun on any of them.

      I hope it is acceptable to have sent this to both the main dev list and the
      mac dev list, but since 1 and 2 are relevant to both it seemed appropriate.

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