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321work in progress: explorer.vim for Mac

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  • Benji Fisher
    Sep 28, 2001
      Mac Vim list:

      I am attaching a hacked version of the explorer.vim plugin for Vim 6.0.
      This works pretty well for me on the Mac (but not on W95). If, like me, you
      are having trouble with :cd then this is especially nice to have, because the
      plugin mostly uses absolute path names when it changes directories, and these
      seem to work. There are various other issues with Macintosh paths. For
      example, you cannot get extended file information in the explorer window, and
      you will not see the files and folders in a top-level directory. Still, I
      think it is a whole lot better than nothing. I hope you agree.

      Install in $VIMRUNTIME/plugin and read about it with
      :help file-explorer

      --Benji Fisher