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31[vim-mac] Re: Dany's vim is official vim? (Vim 5.6 for Macintosh available)

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  • Eugene Lee
    Mar 27, 2000
      On Mon, Mar 27, 2000 at 10:20:57PM -0500, Benji Fisher wrote:

      [Vim 5.6 for MacOS]

      : When I got my copy, it was packaged with a rather non-standard
      :vimrc file. Has this survived to the version on ftp.vim.org?

      I think so. I saw Bram's posting and downloaded it, then realized that
      it was Dany's January build. But the non-standard vimrc file is part of
      the MacOS distribution. All the command-key map bindings were commented
      out; I uncommented most of them without problems, but there are two that
      I've left out because they don't work right with cut-and-paste commands.

      Now if only the cursor could blink in MacOS...

      Eugene Lee
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