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303Minor problem with vim on Mac OS X

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  • Cyrille Artho
    Aug 23, 2001
      I have a problem under Mac OS X (Darwin + Aqua): No application in the
      terminal uses colors, although the built-in terminal understands ANSI
      color escape sequences.
      I have replaced the builtin "ls" with GNU ls, which uses colors.
      However, vim 5.8, both compiled by myself or via "fink", does not use
      colors. Instead, it only uses bold or underlined text for "syntax
      coloring". This is of course not very practical. Does anybody know how
      to enable colors in vim?
      Cyrille Artho - http://artho.com/ - Tel. +41 - [0]1 - 632 09 88
      Thieves respect property; they merely wish the property to become
      their property that they may more perfectly respect it.
      -- G.K. Chesterton, "The Man Who Was Thursday"
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