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2961Re: Vim cursor

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  • Jan Eden
    Dec 7, 2004
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      Hi Bram,

      Bram Moolenaar wrote on 07.12.2004:

      >Jan Eden wrote:
      >>there is one feature in gvim I really like, namely the change of
      >>the cursor to a thin line to reflect the insert mode. Is this
      >>available in the CLI version, too?
      >If you can find out the escape sequence that the terminal uses to
      >change the cursor shape.
      >Currently sending an escape sequence on entering/leaving Insert mode
      >is not implemented for Mac OS, but it's quite simple to add.
      >Thinking of this, a generic solution would be to add entries to
      >allow you to set the escape sequences. Then you can set them when
      >you know what the terminal supports.

      Thanks for the hint. Unfortunately, I am not too familiar with escape sequences in Apple's Terminal, but I will try to find something on this.


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