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2796Re: :split and scrolling doesn't work?

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  • Stephen Riehm
    Oct 12 2:35 PM
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      What you're describing is most bizarre indeed - and no-one else has
      noticed it?

      Do you mind if I ask you to do a little copy and pasting?

      1: what version of vim do you have? I'm running vim 6.3.13 on OS-X

      2: could you post the output from :scriptnames?
      here's mine:
      1: /Users/steve/.vimrc
      2: /Applications/Vim.app/runtime/syntax/nosyntax.vim
      3: /Users/steve/.vim.bracketing.macros
      4: /Users/steve/.vim.bracketing.base
      5: /Applications/Vim.app/runtime/plugin/explorer.vim
      6: /Applications/Vim.app/runtime/plugin/gzip.vim
      7: /Applications/Vim.app/runtime/plugin/netrw.vim
      8: /Applications/Vim.app/runtime/plugin/rrhelper.vim
      9: /Applications/Vim.app/runtime/plugin/tohtml.vim
      10: /Applications/Vim.app/runtime/menu.vim
      11: /Users/steve/.gvimrc
      12: /Applications/Vim.app/runtime/colors/peachpuff.vim
      13: /Applications/Vim.app/runtime/syntax/syntax.vim
      14: /Applications/Vim.app/runtime/syntax/synload.vim
      15: /Applications/Vim.app/runtime/syntax/syncolor.vim
      16: /Applications/Vim.app/runtime/filetype.vim

      3: when the problem arises in gvim, does it go away when you set
      noscrollbind manually?

      4: How exactly are you starting gvim? Do you click or drag'n'drop the
      icon, or do you use the full path (via an alias)?

      5: Doe the problem occur when you :split and when you :new?

      6: Does the problem occur when you are editing a README.txt and a
      READYOU.txt file? What about C, C++, Perl, Python or other code files?

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