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2794Re: :split and scrolling doesn't work?

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  • Daryl Basil Biberdorf
    Oct 12, 2004
      Bram, apologies for my ignorance. I did some reading
      on OS X bundles, and finally figured out how to do what
      I needed to do. I removed the 'set noscrollbind' commands
      I added to ~/.gvimrc and ~/.vimrc and started Vim with:
      /Applications/Vim.app/Contents/MacOS/Vim -g -c 'verbose set scrollbind?'
      from the OS X terminal window.

      Nothing is setting scrollbind, so, in this OS X build
      at least, scrollbind is the default, rather than noscrollbind.

      The configure script for building the app didn't reveal anything,
      but I'm an autoconf neophyte also.

      As a final complication, even if I add 'set noscrollbind' as the
      very last line in ~/.gvimrc, it has no effect, even when Vim
      indicates ~/.gvimrc is the last file sourced (according to
      /Applications/Vim.app/Contents/MacOS/Vim -g -V).

      Can anyone else here confirm the default scrollbind behavior
      in the Vim 6.3 Mac OS X build?


      Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      > Daryl Basil Biberdorf wrote:
      >>What is the best way to get the output of :verbose set scrollbind
      >>with gvim under OS X?
      > Eh, type the command?
      >>My problem: I added set noscrollbind to .vimrc. It works under vim
      >>when used in a terminal window. But when using gvim, it has no
      >>effect at all. I added set noscrollbind to .gvimrc as well, which
      >>seems redundant, but to no effect as well. Other settings in .gvimrc
      >>and ,vimrc are getting picked up, so my scrollbind setting must be
      >>getting overridden somewhere. Yes, this is just maddening. Even
      >>more frustrating is that I'm still figuring OS X out. If this were
      >>Linux, I'd already have it done. :)
      > Very strange. Perhaps this gvim does not use your startup files? That
      > would be strange. Use ":scriptnames" to see which script files have
      > been used.
      >>On another note, this list has been generating a lot of spam for me
      >>in the last couple of days, mostly in the form of messages saying the
      >>originate from people on the list (Bram in particular).
      > E-mail address harvesters are very annoying. There does not seem to be
      > a remedy against it, without disabling others from replying to you.
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