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273Re: Vim 6.0 for 68Ks?

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  • Matt
    Jul 10, 2001
      > Originally the port started on CodeWarrior 9.
      > I currently use CodeWarrior Pro Release 5 (on MacOS 9)

      Would Code Warrior Pro 4 work OK? Also, you have any idea on where to get a "cheap" (hahaha) version of it? Also, would the Learning Edition work? The lack of optimization will suck, but I could probably live with that... I wouldn't be able to distribute any of the binaries that I made due to the license, and it claims that I wouldn't be able to generate cross-platform code. I don't know if this means cross-platform as in making 68K/FAT binaries and/or Windows binaries... At least I'd be able to uppgrade to the full version a little cheaper when I could better afford it...

      (I sure hope my 7100 is up to the challenge of compiling VIM... It has a hard enough time running the MacOS sometimes... Then again OS9 wasn't really meant for the 601 chip... ;)

      > and Project Builder (on MacOS X).
      > The included CodeWarrior project is currently out-of-date

      Where could I get the up-to-date project? And when will your page be updated? I want something newer than a 5.6 binary! ;)

      > (at least for Vim 6 alpha, I didn't check Vim 5 for a while)
      > MPW is supposely supported, I never try it so I don't know, but there's
      > have been change to allow compilation. Unfortunately some functionality

      I guess I'll try one of these days soon... Kinda curious what will be missing...

      > are missing when compiled with MPW.
      > >>
      > >> As for your SE, if it can run System 7, it may one day run Vim. (Hey, I
      > >> have to make my obsolete Classic useful for something.)
      > >
      > > It won't have System 7 till after I've dropped in a SE/30 logic board.
      > > That'll be fun then...
      > Strange, I was thinking that a SE (even though older) was slightly
      > better than a Classic

      If it is, it's only slightly... ;) After all I can only read 800K floppies... Check out http://www.classicmacaddict.com/cgi-bin/go.cgi?go=profiles/subprofiles/se.html and http://www.classicmacaddict.com/cgi-bin/go.cgi?go=profiles/subprofiles/classic.html
      > Improvement of the syntax highlighting code, its slow on all platform.
      > There's something on the todo.txt about this.
      Welp, I guess after I get it compiled, I'm gonna see what I can do. Admittedly, it probably won't be much... But I'll try!

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