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272Re: [vim-mac] vim60am: Patch for various thing

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  • Dany St-Amant
    Jul 10, 2001
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      Le Mardi 10 juillet 2001, à 03:50, Bram Moolenaar a écrit :

      > Dany St Amant wrote:
      >> here's a summary of the changes:
      > Phew, that's a big one. I'll include it.
      > How about this line in term.c:
      > + # warning DANY 2
      > And later:
      > ! # warning DANY 1
      > I'll not include those.

      Doh! Forgot to remove those, I was trying to find who was calling a

      > I spot some problems with FEAT_MOUSE_TTY. Looks like the mouse shape
      > isn't
      > updated when it should. I'll change some of them back to FEAT_MOUSE.

      Ok, I'll try to handle it better next time. It's hard to untie the
      console code from the gui code. I was thinking I took the proper step to
      avoid breaking the mouse shape.

      > I don't see why you define HAVE_DROP_FILE in vim.h. It's already
      > defined in
      > gui.h.

      It seem that its also define twice for Windows.

      > One thing that appears to be missing is some updates for the
      > documentation...

      My C is better than my English (At least I think so)

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