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246Re: Building vim-6.0am under OS X

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  • Dany St-Amant
    Jul 2, 2001
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      on 1/07/01 22:01, Ken Scott at kscott-list@... wrote:

      > Hello,
      > I'm new to trying to build Vim on Mac OS X. I understand that this should be
      > possible, but Project Builder will not open the file os_mac.pbxproj file.
      > I was able to build a console Vim with no problems, but I would really like
      > to have a gvim to use.
      > Any suggestions?
      > Thanks,
      > Ken

      Unfortunately, the project file doesn't work as is.
      But you can make it work by doing the following step.

      Make sure os_mac.pbxproj is in UNIX format.
      Create a new folder in src/
      Move the os_mac.pbxproj into the new folder
      Rename it project.pbxproj
      Rename the new folder os_mac.pbproj

      as I was trying to get the file to work I also

      chmod a+w os_mac.pbproj
      chmod og-rx os_mac.pbproj
      chmod u+x os_mac.pbproj/project.pbxproj
      chmod a-rw os_mac.pbproj/project.pbxproj

      But I don't think those are needed.

      Sorry for the inconvenience


      P.S.: I suggest to use Vim from the Boot Volume, as there's a problem
      finding the RUNTIME directrory otherwise.
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