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232Vim-online goes online

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jun 4, 2001
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      Short version:

      New site. http://vim.sf.net. Enjoy!

      Long version:

      Inspired by www.php.net, Scott Johnston and Jonathan Morace have written a
      portal for Vim users called Vim online (http://vim.sf.net). It combines the
      vim-tips site and some of the concepts from the VUR. Scripts and tips can be
      added by the site and then rated by the community.

      As you release modifications of your scripts you can add them as new versions
      to the original script you uploaded. Users can download the version of their
      choice. Scripts can be uploaded as single text files or as compressed bundles
      (zip,tar,gzip) if a script requires several different files.

      Bug reports should go to vimonline-support@... or you can
      contact them directly at scrott@... and
      jmorace@.... Please include browser information and screen
      shots if applicable.


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