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205Re: Fwd: Re: How to get keypad keys to work [MacOSX, vim]

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  • Bill Tschumy
    Apr 3 5:57 AM
      Wanted to let the list know that I did get this to work. The config
      problem seemed to be due to the distribution I used (downloaded from
      someone who said he had compiled for Mac OS X). When I downloaded
      the "official" distribution and configed/compiled it there was no
      problem. It now recognizes the vt100 terminal and I have my arrow
      keys working.

      If anyone needs anything checked out on OSX just let me know.

      BTW: Has there been any discussion of getting gvim running on OSX?

      At 9:05 AM +0200 4/3/01, H. Eckert wrote:
      >Quoting Sven Guckes (guckes@...):
      >> Can you help Bill here?
      >> Do we have testers for Mac OS X here? Ripley?
      >No time at all from me, but you're welcome to visit me at
      >my place and use my G3 for it.
      > Ripley
      >H. Eckert, 12051 Berlin
      >ISO 8859-1: Ä=Ae, Ö=Oe, Ü=Ue, ä=ae, ö=oe, ü=ue, ß=sz.

      Bill Tschumy
      Otherwise -- Austin, TX
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