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203Re: [vim-mac] Re: Fwd: Re: How to get keypad keys to work [MacOSX, vim]

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  • Dave Chen
    Mar 30, 2001
      Bill Tschumy wrote:

      > I have gotten this to compile, but probably not in the correct way.
      > First in feature.h I commented in the definition of NO_BUILTIN_TCAPS
      > #ifdef HAVE_TGETENT
      > # define NO_BUILTIN_TCAPS
      > #endif
      > Then in config.h I manually commented out the define of
      > HAVE_TERMCAP_H (I know this is auto-generated and there probably
      > something else I could change but I couldn't find it). This file
      > does not appear to be present on Mac OSX.
      > /* Define if you have the <termcap.h> header file. */
      > /*#define HAVE_TERMCAP_H 1*/
      > This seemed to compile correctly and VIM now recognizes my vt100 terminal type.

      When I do a "configure" and then "make" it does the right thing.

      If uses termios.h, not termcap.h. Not sure why your configure doesn't

      get it right.


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