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196Re: MAC OS X - start on March 24th

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  • vim-mac-egroups-wrapper@vim.org
    Mar 26, 2001
      > Mac OS X will ship on March 24th.
      > Are we ready for that?
      > Any new binaries?

      Well, I just got a mail from Carbon Dater:-)

      It told me that the MPW Version of Vim 6.0w has:

      2 Functions supported with modifications
      3 Functions supported but not recommended
      18 Unsupported API
      2 Under Evaluation (Whatever that means)

      That doesn't look bad, compared to
      8 / 24 / 41 / 0
      for Vim 5.7 with Code Warrior.

      I have added all the suggestions from Carbon Dater to gui_mac.c and will
      send a diff to Bram. I hope they will be in 6.0z.

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