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190Re: vim & CW?

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  • Dany St-Amant
    Feb 25, 2001
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      on 22/02/01 12:15, Stephane Huaulme at stephane@... wrote:

      > I think the problem was with the file caching of the project. I have
      > turned off all the checkboxes I could find related to interaction
      > between the IDE and the text editor and so far so good.
      > stephane
      > On Tuesday, February 20, 2001, at 07:30 PM, H. Eckert wrote:
      >> Quoting Benji Fisher (fisherbb@...):
      >>> How badly corrupted are the files? Maybe it is just a file format
      >>> thing: try :set ff=mac before saving.
      >> This should not be an issue with CW. The internal editor of the
      >> IDE copes with Unix/Dos files quite well and so does the compiler.
      >> Greetings,
      >> Ripley
      >> --
      >> H. Eckert, 12051 Berlin
      >> ISO 8859-1: Ä=Ae, Ö=Oe, Ü=Ue, ä=ae, ö=oe, ü=ue, ß=sz.

      There's a small problem with the support as an external editor for
      CodeWarrior. If the file is already open in CodeWarrior (e.g.: compiler
      errors), the compiler will use that file instead of the one you are editing
      inside Vim. While working on this I think I saw once some type of file
      corruption, but this should have be fix byu the code currently available.
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