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1830Vim 6.3 and sponsor subscription

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Apr 7, 2004
      Progress on Vim 6.3

      I started with a list of 130 problems reported over the past year. I
      currently have 22 to do. I also managed to fix problems as soon as they
      were reported, thus the list is only getting shorter. We are getting
      much closer to a 6.3 release!

      If you have a specific problem that should be fixed for 6.3, please
      report it now. Don't try suggesting new features, bug fixing still has

      Vim sponsoring and registration

      Upon request I have added the possibility to subscribe to Vim sponsoring
      or registration. This means you can donate a (small) amount every
      month, quarter, year or other period automatically. This works through


      The sponsoring is going well. I am considering making plans for Vim 7
      that involve quite a bit of work.

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