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1720Re: Home / End keys on iBook

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  • Stephen Riehm
    Mar 18, 2004
      On 18 Mar 2004, at 20:22, Nickolay Kolev wrote:

      > I have happily been using VIM ... on my iBook (G4 800, German
      > keyboard) ... but I really miss the ability to go to start/end of line
      > with the home and end keys when in insert mode (doing it in command
      > mode would be useful too). What key combination is needed to send the
      > appropriate commands?

      Do you even have home and end keys on your iBook? I've got a powerbook
      and there just aren't enough keys on the keyboard for that sort of

      I've long had macros for the beginning and end of line while in insert

      imap <c-a> <Esc>0i
      imap <c-e> <Esc>$a

      (borrowed from emacs ;-)

      As for command mode:

      ^ first non-whitespace character on the line
      0 start of the line
      $ end of the line

      Hope this helps

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