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167Re: Practical development of Mac vim

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  • Christopher C. Stone
    Feb 6, 2001
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      At 02/07/2001 06:57 +0100, Axel Kielhorn wrought:

      > > 5. Is there anyone using MacVIm for serious work willing to
      > > comment on how we are getting on?
      > There are about 20 known users, I don't think most of them read this
      > list.


      I really love MacVIM; unfortunately I was having problems with it a version or two back and haven't yet returned to it since updating to MacOS 9.1. (Downloading as I write.)

      I really want to see some basic AppleScript support for interapplication communication, buffer in/out without having to resort to the Mac Clipboard, setting window bounds, and driving VIM more directly via a utility such as OneClick than by just simulating keystrokes.

      It seems to be running stably omm, so I can give to some serious attention again.

      Best Regards,

      Christopher Stone
      StoneWorks Computer Consulting
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