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163Re: Practical development of Mac vim

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  • vim-mac-egroups-wrapper@vim.org
    Feb 6, 2001
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      > 1. How many people actually possess the vis, vim or vigor
      > < URL:http://www.dictionary.com/cgi-bin/dict.pl?db=*&term=vim > to
      > compile either a 68k or PPC executable for themselves?

      Since MPW is free now, there is no limitation.

      > 2. I am have difficulty with Mac line endings in that some files which
      > the standard executable can read, mine cannot. For this reason alone,
      > I am reluctant to post my work, as it might be confusing.

      Well, post it for review.

      > 3. What objectives on the to do list achievable for the non expert as
      > I am? Here are some possibilities:
      > a) Fix up an MPW makefile to avoid the dependence on CodeWarrior

      Vim 6.0t should be compilable with MPW. (With some minor problems. Bram
      already has the patch.)

      > b) Establish a 'prefs' file (which should contain a pointer to the
      > runtime folder, allowing the runtime folder, or pouch, to be placed
      > anywhere on the system

      I don't see this as a big advantage. Especially since sripts from other
      platforms will look at the standard locations.

      > c) Double clicking on a prefs or settings file should act as 'vim -u'
      > and bypass other initialisation.

      This could indeed help.

      > e) We could have a scheme for running plugins such as BBEdit plugins <
      > URL:http://www.barebones.com/support/bbedit/bbedit-plugins.html > or (much
      > more work?) MPW tools, <
      > URL:http://devworld.apple.com/tools/mpw-tools/books.html#ToolServer > but
      > perhaps also useful...

      Using MPW tools would be a great plus. I would love to call "sort" or
      some other tools on my Mac.

      > f) See whether Mindvision <
      > URL:http://www.mindvision.com/pricing/shareware.asp > would let us use
      > Installer Vise, as is the case with MacPerl, <
      > URL:http://devworld.apple.com/tools/mpw-tools/books.html#ToolServer >
      > another open source cross platform project that predates Linux.

      There is nothing to install. Unpack the archive and doubleclick the

      > 4. I have copied the vim 6.0t sources into my Mac tree, and the
      > project compiles, IIRC, without a hitch; but it does not run smoothly
      > because it appears not to grok the explorer.vim plugin, but the
      > error messages (basically that a backslash was found where it was not
      > allowed does not appear to be Mac specific.

      Maybe a backslash in the pathname problem? Vim doesn't like that.

      > 5. Is there anyone using MacVIm for serious work willing to
      > comment on how we are getting on?

      There are about 20 known users, I don't think most of them read this

      There is nothing left to try
      There is nothing left to choose
      There is no greater power
      Than the power of VI
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