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161[vim-mac] Re: Practical development of Mac vim

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Feb 4, 2001
      Dany -

      > Are your in VI compatible mode? The option.h from 6.0r is causing the Vi
      > compatible mode to misbehave, at line 60 the code should look like:
      > # ifdef USE_CR
      > # define DFLT_FF "mac"
      > # define DFLT_FFS_VIM "mac,unix,dos"
      > # define DFLT_FFS_VI "mac,unix,dos"
      > # define DFLT_TEXTAUTO TRUE
      > # else
      > # define DFLT_FF "unix"
      > # define DFLT_FFS_VIM "unix,dos"
      > # define DFLT_FFS_VI ""
      > # define DFLT_TEXTAUTO FALSE
      > # endif

      I'll include this.

      > Didn't look at that yet, but the previous versions of explorer.vim or its
      > precursors were using to many shell command to even take a look at the
      > issue.

      The explorer.vim now only uses Vim functions, so that it is better portable.
      We are still working on this, we only recently made it work on MS-Windows.

      > On the backslash note, syntax.vim (from version 6.0r) need a tiny change at
      > line 19. Strangely enough, the / to : doesn't seem required just a few line
      > above... (Man, I really need to cleanuo the filename convcersion code...)
      > " Load the Syntax autocommands and set the default methods for highlighting.
      > if has("mac")
      > runtime syntax:synload.vim
      > else
      > runtime syntax/synload.vim
      > endif

      This construction is used in many places. We wouldn't want to put
      'if has("mac")' in all scripts that use ":runtime". Please find out how to
      solve this in the source code.

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