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142A small correction in macvimrc file

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  • Kenichi Asai
    Jan 3, 2001
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      Dear VimMac users,

      The macvimrc file in the distribution contains an auto-command
      changing the current directory like

      autocmd VimEnter * if strlen(@%) != 0 | cd %:p:h | endif

      I found that this does not work if the file to be edited is placed at
      the root level of a hard disk. (For example, if I want to edit a file
      "MacintoshHD:file.txt", then %:p:h is evaluated to "MacintoshHD"
      (without ":") which is not recognized as a path.) I suggest to insert
      ":" after ":p:h" as in:

      autocmd VimEnter * if strlen(@%) != 0 | cd %:p:h: | endif

      Kenichi Asai

      PS. Axel, could you please register the patch for suporting tag-files
      in DOS and Unix format as an offcial patch? Thanks!