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14097Re: Help wanted to substitute in a range of lines

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  • Barrie Stott
    Jan 2, 2014
      On 2 Jan 2014, at 18:46, Cássio Marques wrote:

      > Try this:
      > :%s/\v\s\|\s(\d+)\s(\w+)\s/ | \1 | \2 /g
      > --
      > Cássio Marques
      > On Thursday, January 2, 2014 at 4:39 PM, Barrie Stott wrote:
      >> I have a few hundred lines of the following form:
      >> _x(MP188 | 103 God is our strength and refuge (Richard Bewes)
      >> _x(0 | 110 In God will I trust, though my counsellors say (The Psalter, 1912)
      >> _x(0 | 113 O Father you are sovereign in all the worlds you made (Margaret Clarkson)
      >> I want to replace '103 God' by '103 | God' in the first line and '110 In' by '110 | In' in the second, etc.
      >> Supposing the lines above to be 40-42, I was able to select the appropriate places in the lines with '/\d\s[A-Z]' and the spots became highlighted. However, I still want '3' for the digit and 'G' for the letter in the first substitution so I tried '40,42 s/(d)\s([A-Z])/\1 | \2/g' and it complained about '(d)\s([A-Z])' not being recognized.
      >> I'm now beginning to think it cannot be done so if anyone can help I'd be most grateful.
      >> It shouldn't be needed but, just in case, I'm on a Snow Leopard iMac.
      >> Barrie.

      Many thanks for this since at first glance it seems to work well. I now need to go through your solution so that I understand it. You were amazingly speedy in answering (10 minutes) so I apologize for my delay in replying.

      No reply needed and I'm *really* grateful.


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