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14068Re: how to copy into system clipboard

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  • Phil Dobbin
    Nov 16, 2013
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      On 16/11/2013 09:56, Kyle Lippincott wrote:

      > I think this won't work, because the terminal vim has no method of
      > communicating with the mac clipboard. They're using the apple-provided
      > vim, and also using a separate terminal app (so if there WAS some magic
      > with Terminal.app + apple's vim, it's become less likely to work, but I
      > don't think there is).

      Selecting & Cmd-C works on my terminal Vim (iTerm2 & Vim 7.4.).

      Also OP has posted this to MacVim & that has full clipboard integration
      with the System clipboard so maybe installing MacVim is the way to go in
      this particular instance.



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