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13948Re: MacVim crash when I use python

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  • Douglas Drumond
    Sep 30, 2013

      2013/9/30 Giacomo Marchioro <marchiorogiacomo@...>
      every time i use the command :set ft=python to start to write a python file, MacVim chrashed.  I've tried to reinstall MacVim with MacPort but if fails so I've tried to uninstall all deleting the folder of spf13 distribution and MacVim I've redownloaded MacVim but when I open it appears the following errors:
      E117: Unknown function: fugitive#statusline
      E15: Invalid expression: fugitive#statusline()

      I can't reproduce it here and I'm using spf13 too. Can you provide minimal steps to reproduce? Or, maybe, backup all your .vim/.vimrc, try using python with a clean MacVim, then with a new spf13 installation.

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