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13922Re: just wanted to say thank you

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Sep 19, 2013
      Yuma Antoine Decaux wrote:

      > To all who developed vim for mac.
      > I am a blind software engineering student and have been struggling to
      > find the right coding environment. I tried macvim last week on counts
      > of my friends recommending it, and once i turned core text renderer
      > off, though visual mode is not accessible to me, all the other key
      > commands do, which has really increased my capacity to navigate around
      > code lengthier than 500 lines. The experience is like jumping from a
      > physical dial nokia to the iphone 5S. This is awesome. And the more
      > commands i learn, the better it gets. thank you guys for this
      > application.
      > Now on for a few comments, haha :)
      > 1-voice over related:
      > I've noticed that when reading through lines, vim does not read out
      > the last character, such as ; for endss of statements. It's not too
      > bad as i can just $i then check if the closure is there but i thought
      > i would mention this.

      Just guessing: Perhaps setting 'virtualedit' to "onemore" helps:
      :set ve=onemore

      > 2-When (i assume) the text reaches the bottom of the visible area, vim
      > has some difficulty scrolling further down. I use the /'string'
      > command to jump around, but when i'm in a block of code but it happens
      > to be at the bottom of the visible area, then either the up/down arrow
      > or j or k get clunky. To note, the system alert sound triggers so i'm
      > assuming this also happens to visual coders. Am i doing something
      > wrong here?

      Perhaps you want to use CTRL-E?

      > Apart from the above, everything is smooth. Obviously, i'm not a power
      > user yet so my requests might not be technical, but this might help
      > for other blind coders out there.

      hundred-and-one symptoms of being an internet addict:
      234. You started college as a chemistry major, and walk out four years
      later as an Internet provider.

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