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13892Weird crashes (7.4-70)

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  • Goran Topic
    Aug 21, 2013
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      I've run `brew update` yesterday, and got MacVim 7.4-70 installed with it. I've also switched from Vundle to NeoBundle, and installed a couple of new plugins (Shougo/vimproc, Shougo/unite.vim, tpope/vim-dispatch, tpope/vim-commentary), but I don't think it is relevant. I am not 100% sure though, so I thought to mention it.

      Today I experienced a weird crash situation. MacVim started crashing on one of my Ruby files. I tried to find a minimal example, which I'm attaching, and also pasting here:

      x =

      $ mvim test.rb
      Vim: Caught deadly signal SEGV
      Vim: Finished.
      (in further text: crash)

      $ rm ~/.vimrc # my only vim rc file
      $ mvim test.rb

      $ mvim -u NORC test.rb
      (no crash)

      $ vim test.rb # macvim/7.4-70/bin/vim, not system vim
      (no crash)

      $ cp test.rb test.txt
      $ mvim test.txt
      (no crash)

      If I remove the indentation from the line 3 (`z`) from 16 spaces to 15 (using another editor or console vim), and then

      $ mvim test.rb
      (no crash)

      - it happens only when `-g` is in effect
      - it happens when 'ft=ruby'
      - it happens on very specific syntax
      - it happens with no .vimrc, but not when skipping rc files

      Can anyone else confirm this behaviour, or is it just me?


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