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13860Re: Set display font to large

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  • Marek Stepanek
    Jul 31, 2013
      On 7/31/13 12:07 AM, Kyle Lippincott wrote:
      > To elaborate a bit on setting the font in a way that your machine will
      > accept (different machines take different font specifications), I've
      > found the easiest method to be:
      > :set guifont=* (this opens up a font dialog box on most systems; choose
      > the font you want, and then close it)
      > :set guifont? (with the question mark! This tells you what guifont
      > actually got set to)
      > Then put it in your ~/.gvimrc:
      > set guifont=<whatever output from ':set guifont?' was> (without the
      > <>'s :))

      Thx Kyle!

      > :set guifont?

      I tried this command, but got the answer: "guifont=" nothing else and I
      was confused of course. Now I understand: if you have not put a
      different setting, you will only get an empty answer. But how to get the
      default settings of MacVim? I would like to keep the default font and
      only change the size. And what is the ":set guifont" for the size only?

      Thanks for your patience


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