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13854Re: Crashing Vim 7.4a9 snapshot 68 with folding

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  • Axel Kielhorn
    Jul 30, 2013
      Am 29.07.2013 um 22:15 schrieb Bram Moolenaar:

      > Axel Kielhorn wrote:
      >> Update:
      >> As I have written earlier, the crash was introduced with
      >> Vim 7.3.1185.
      >> And here is the RegEx that causes the crash:
      >> syn match pandocPCite /@\%[\w\-]*/
      >> It is part of the citation handling code in ~/.vim/syntax/pandoc.vim
      >> from vim-pandoc.
      > It doesn't crash for me.

      It crashes on Mac OS 10.6.8 but not 10.8.4, this may be compiler or library related.

      > What text does it crash on?


      in the second line.

      > If you can make
      > it happen with match() that would be ideal.

      If I start vim with
      mvim -u NONE -U NONE vimkill3.md

      and enter (copy) the search string


      I get a crash.

      without the * it's fine.

      With incsearch on I get the crash as soon as I type the final *


      is fine

      >> The change was adding
      >> && *reginput != NUL
      >> to regexp_nfa.c (line 3942)
      > Do you have a context diff for this change?

      Sourcetree gives me
      Commit: 38388a218e4bc1dbc0475df3d74244034b669b73[38388a2]

      case NFA_BOL:
      case NFA_BOF:
      /* "^" won't match past end-of-line, don't bother trying.
      - * Except when we are going to the next line for a look-behind
      - * match. */
      + * Except when at the end of the line, or when we are going to the
      + * next line for a look-behind match. */
      if (reginput > regline
      + && *reginput != NUL
      && (nfa_endp == NULL
      || !REG_MULTI
      || reglnum == nfa_endp->se_u.pos.lnum))

      The enclosed file is even more reduced but shows the problem.


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