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  • Chas Emerick
    Jul 23, 2013
      I'm working on a plugin that, in certain circumstances, can prompt MacVim to segfault (or otherwise die unexpectedly, SIGABRT, etc). There appear to be ~3 different "types" of crash logs produced...*maybe* representing different underlying bugs?

      The same (or very similar) failures also occur when using `mvim` within a terminal, but they don't occur when using a terminal-only `vim`. (The same is true of a non-crashing rendering bug I reported separately here: http://code.google.com/p/macvim/issues/detail?id=464) So, I'm reasonably sure that the problem is in MacVim, and not in vim itself.

      I've attached a couple of representative logs. Björn, if you'd like issues created for these, I'd be happy to do that; I just figured I'd ping the list first in case you'd prefer to triage them e.g. one at a time, as a group, or otherwise.


      - Chas

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