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13783Re: make distclean fails to remove src/config.cache

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  • björn
    Jun 21, 2013
      On Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 7:46 AM, <dv1445@...> wrote:
      > On Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 09:27:17PM +0200, björn wrote:
      >> On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 9:55 PM, wrote:
      >> > On Mon, May 27, 2013 at 01:10:58PM -0400, wrote:
      >> >> On 05/27/13 at 10:46:11 -0400 gmn wrote:
      >> >> > In my opinion, whatever scripts in MacVim that control this ought to
      >> >> > be changed so that the result matches BramVim, and config.cache
      >> >> > files will go in src/auto rather than just src. That way, "make
      >> >> > distclean" in a MacVim repo will in fact clean them.
      >> >>
      >> >> That is to say, *if* it is easy to do so, then the relevant scripts
      >> >> ought to be changed so that blah blah.
      >> >>
      >> >> (Or perhaps 'make distclean' can be patched to also obliterate any
      >> >> existing src/config.cache)
      >> >>
      >> >> If it isn't an easy thing, just forget it. I can deal with it.
      >> >
      >> > Hi Björn,
      >> >
      >> > Although I discovered how to trigger the issue, I don't know what causes
      >> > it. I don't know enough about makefiles or confiure scripts to wade
      >> > through the difference between those of MacVim and those of BramVim. So
      >> > I propose modifying, in MacVim, src/Makefile according the the below
      >> > diff.
      >> >
      >> > The line two lines above my added one is doing almost nothing at all,
      >> > because the files auto/config.{status,log,cache} are never created by
      >> > MacVim as far as I can see:
      >> >
      >> > ** If I call './configure -C', they get put in src/, which is what
      >> > generated this bug-reporting thread.
      >> >
      >> > ** If on the other hand I call plain './configure', then no caches are
      >> > created, so there's nothing for that line of the Makefile to destroy.
      >> >
      >> > ** If I call './configure --cache-file=src/auto/config.cache (which
      >> > './configure --help tells me is kosher), then no config.cache is put
      >> > *anywhere*, and config.{log,status} are put straight into src/ where
      >> > the latter won't get wiped out by 'make distclean'.
      >> >
      >> > Therefore I propose leaving that line in place (since it's doing no
      >> > harm), but adding one that allows 'make distclean' to destroy
      >> > 'src/config.{cache,log,status}'. I tested this locally and it seems to
      >> > work. Thus 'make distclean' will destroy the things it's supposed to
      >> > destroy.
      >> I think it would be better to figure out why there is a difference
      >> instead of blindly patching. I don't know what causes it though, so I
      >> can't help.
      > Hi Björn,
      > I think I've found out why MacVim is putting config.cache (et. al.) in
      > the "wrong" place (which is itself why 'make distclean' isn't seeking
      > and destroying those files).
      > Could it be because MacVim has TWO 'configure' files of substance, while
      > BramVim only has one?
      > In MacVim repo:
      > 'configure' is just a tiny wrapper.
      > 'src/configure' is "meaty".
      > 'src/auto/configure' is even meatier (by ~175KB!!).
      > In BramVim repo:
      > 'configure' is just a tiny wrapper.
      > 'src/configure' is a slightly larger wrapper.
      > 'src/auto/configure' is meaty, about as meaty as 'src/configure' from
      > MacVim.
      > If, in MacVim, the meaty config script that's governing cachefile
      > placement is the one sitting in /src, then that would explain why it's
      > dropping config.cache right in /src (look at its line 914, see a
      > relative path).
      > In BramVim, the only meaty config script is in 'src/auto', so the
      > corresponding line would dump config.cache in src/auto, right?
      > Of further interest: BramVim's 'src/configure' appears to be calling
      > 'src/auto/configure' with an explicit request that config.cache be left
      > in 'src/auto'.
      > If I am right that this is what's causing MacVim to put the files in a
      > different place from BramVim, it seems to me that either:
      > (a) one of MacVim's two meaty configure scripts (or both??) should be
      > made to drop config.cache (and .log, and .status) in 'src/auto', and to
      > know that that's where to read cached info from.
      > Or,
      > (b) the Makefile's 'make distclean' should be tweaked to find those
      > files in their current location ('src/'). Of course, this needn't be
      > done in exactly the way I proposed earlier.
      > BTW, MacVim's 'src/configure' appears to correspond to BramVim's
      > 'src/auto/configure'. There are many differences, but they seem to be
      > almost all tiny differences. Also, MacVim's 'src/auto/configure'
      > appears to be older than 'src/configure'.

      I'm sorry, but the speculation doesn't help. All I can say is that I
      have done nothing to change the way the configure script works for
      MacVim. There are a few (not many) changes in the configure.in
      script, but that's it. If you figure it out, please send me a patch,
      otherwise I can not be of much help.


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