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13703Re: 7.3.967 fails on Tiger PPC due to Python problem

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  • dv1445@...
    May 27, 2013
      Now that I'm back from out of town, I will very soon be able to try to build on Tiger PPC again after the recent changes.

      > > > 1. Py_VISIT was introduced in Python v2.4, perhaps Mac OS X Tiger is
      > > > including an older Python version (otherwise I don't know why the linker
      > > > would fail)
      > > I don't think it's this; I have 2.7.5 installed, which MacVim prior to
      > > 7.3.965 works fine with. And the offending commit (and later ones) appear
      > > to be recognizing 2.7.5, rather than the old one built into OSX.
      > I had a look -- Tiger ships with 2.3.x. It would seem that you are
      > compiling with the 2.7.x headers but linking against the 2.3.x library.
      > Most likely because the linker gets the "-framework Python" flag, which
      > causes it to look at the system default version. I've never built against
      > a non-default Python version myself so I can't be of much help with it.

      I'll check my build logs when I get a hold of my TigerPPC box, to see if 2.3.x is entering the picture. But if this were the case, wouldn't it really be weird that (a) everything was fine as of 7.3.806 and probably until 7.3.965, (b) everything always was and is fine with plain BramVim? I'm no programmer, but why would BramVim vs. MacVim make a difference to the linker?


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