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13691Re: 7.3.967 fails on Tiger PPC due to Python problem

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  • Phil Dobbin
    May 22, 2013
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      On 19/05/2013 06:52, dv1445@... wrote:

      > dv1445@..., on 05/19/13 at 01:11:47 -0400, wrote:
      >> MacVim failed to build on OS X 10.4.11 (PPC) after pulling to 7.3.967.
      >> Everything as of the 7.3.806 pull from February was just fine. Seems
      >> the recent fiddling with Python in BramLand has messed things up for
      >> poor Tiger.
      > I forgot to mention that on Tiger PPC, BramVim 7.3.967 (and indeed 7.3.969) built fine. Just a point of comparison.

      I apologise for not being to help with your dilemma but I've just
      acquired a couple of legacy G4 PowerMacs running 10.4.11 & if there is a
      link to a tarball of 7.3.806 available, I would greatly appreciate
      having it. Snapshot 55's Python is unable to cope with a lot of my plugins.

      Any help appreciated.



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