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13670Stupid "magical" fix

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  • Eric Weir
    May 13, 2013
      On May 11, 2013, at 6:08 AM, Eric Weir wrote:

      > On May 10, 2013, at 7:54 PM, Ben Fritz wrote:
      >> On Friday, May 10, 2013 9:30:41 AM UTC-5, Eric Weir wrote:
      >>> On May 10, 2013, at 9:34 AM, Eric Weir wrote:
      >>> I've disabled syncing between the tablet and the macbook and will go back into my backups before I started syncing the two systems and restore my .vim folder from there.
      >>> Actually, I had a copy that I created right before I started syncing with the tablet. I restored it.
      >> OK, so you are now pretty sure your .vim files are good (I guess we've moved on to a new issue...do you still get "swap exists" errors?)
      >>> I now get MacVim,
      >> Ummm...ok. What does this have to do with your .vim files? MacVim and gvim are different executables. Or are you just referring to a colorscheme?
      > No longer getting "swap exists" after deleting them at "var/temp/". [How the hell did they get put there?] And I did discover after my initial post that there were two other instances of vim running in addition to macvim. [I know I had to have started them somehow, but how the hell did I do it? The only way I ever start vim is by starting macvim.]
      > I understand that gvim and macvim are different executables. And they look different. [Tabs are displayed differently, e.g., and the font in use in what I am calling gvim was not the one I get with macvim.] I have no idea how my .vim files affected which vim was started. All I know is that when I restored the backup copy of the .vim folder I started getting macvim.

      At the limits of my knowledge and my wits end regarding the problems I've been experiencing I resorted to a "magical" fix---a shot in the dark---to see if I could get my key mappings back. I went into the time machine and restored by .vim folder and .vimrc from six weeks ago. It worked.

      If anyone has a clue why---or more importantly, why I started getting "swap exists" messages for swap files in '/var/tmp/', why macvim asked me if I wanted to create a file on an android path, why I stopped getting macvim and started getting gvim, why after restoring an older backup .vim folder I got macvim back, why after I got macvim back I still didn't have my key mappings---I would really be interested. I really would like to understand.

      I can't help thinking that the fact that I was synchronizing the '.vim' folders on my macbook and my android tablet had something to do with it, even though I don't understand how it could. Again, the only difference between the two setups was in the paths set in the .vimrc for files used by my plugins. In every other respect the setups were identical.

      Eric Weir
      Decatur, GA

      "You keep on learning and learning, and pretty soon
      you learn something no one has learned before."

      - Richard Feynman

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