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13663Re: Vim warns of swap files in "/var/tmp/"

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  • Eric Weir
    May 11, 2013
      Thanks for responding, Ben. I'm not surprised that you find the situation as I describe it confusing. I'm simply reporting symptoms that in my mind are associated---a bunch of things that all started happening at once. My vim competence is limited. I have become a comfortable user---for writing prose---with a lot of hand-holding here.

      On May 10, 2013, at 7:54 PM, Ben Fritz wrote:

      > On Friday, May 10, 2013 9:30:41 AM UTC-5, Eric Weir wrote:
      >> On May 10, 2013, at 9:34 AM, Eric Weir wrote:
      >> I've disabled syncing between the tablet and the macbook and will go back into my backups before I started syncing the two systems and restore my .vim folder from there.
      >> Actually, I had a copy that I created right before I started syncing with the tablet. I restored it.
      > OK, so you are now pretty sure your .vim files are good (I guess we've moved on to a new issue...do you still get "swap exists" errors?)
      >> I now get MacVim,
      > Ummm...ok. What does this have to do with your .vim files? MacVim and gvim are different executables. Or are you just referring to a colorscheme?

      No longer getting "swap exists" after deleting them at "var/temp/". [How the hell did they get put there?] And I did discover after my initial post that there were two other instances of vim running in addition to macvim. [I know I had to have started them somehow, but how the hell did I do it? The only way I ever start vim is by starting macvim.]

      I understand that gvim and macvim are different executables. And they look different. [Tabs are displayed differently, e.g., and the font in use in what I am calling gvim was not the one I get with macvim.] I have no idea how my .vim files affected which vim was started. All I know is that when I restored the backup copy of the .vim folder I started getting macvim.

      >> but it's not reading my .vimrc.
      > How do you know? Use :scriptnames to see what scripts are loaded. I find it unlikely that Vim would suddenly stop reading its own config files.
      >> Some of my key mappings work, some don't.
      > Which mappings? How do you define "don't work"? It is easy to see not only whether Vim has a mapping, but where it came from:
      > :verbose map MyMapKeys/yankring.vim
      > :verbose map! MyMapKeys

      With the first I got:

      "o M YRMapsExpression("<SNR>22", "M")
      Last set from ~/.vim/bundle/yankring.vim/plugin"

      With the second I got

      "no mapping found"

      So, at this point, what I am getting looks like macvim, but apparently none of the key mappings set in my .vimrc are in effect.

      I know, probably still as clear as mud. It's the best I can do. I hope it leads somewhere.

      I appreciate your questions.

      Eric Weir

      "Our world is a human world."

      - Hilary Putnam

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