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13646latex-suite and Bibtex

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  • matthkerner@...
    Apr 13, 2013

      I have a problem with latex-suite in combination with bibtex:

      When I type \cite{ and press F9, the middle window shows the correct entries of the bib file, but the bottom window show the complete bibtex entry, instead of the summary with just the autor and title. Also the title of the bottom window states
      grep -nH ___HIGHLY_IMPROBABLE___ test.tex

      If I press return, the mid and bottom window are closed, but the reference is not copied to the tex file.

      Some more info/summary:
      - everything is working with (terminal version of) vim
      - bibtex is working with MacVim
      - \cite{ F9, works with MacVim, when thebibliography is in the tex file
      x \cite{ F9 doesn't work with bibtex and MacVim

      Do you have any ideas, how to fix this?


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