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13633Re: Balloon-eval supported or not?

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  • björn
    Mar 28, 2013
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      On Sun, Mar 24, 2013 at 1:32 PM, Yongwei Wu wrote:
      > Does MacVim support Balloon-eval now? I found an 2008 post said it did
      > not support it then, but not much info after. I first tried Snapshot
      > 66 for Lion, and then I built it myself. Both show +balloon_eval, but
      > a plugin that depends on it does not work (echofunc, script #1735). I
      > traced it, and found the balloonexpr is valid--but nothing is shown.

      Ballon eval has been supported for several years now, so it sounds
      like a problem with the plugin or your local settings. There is an
      example under ":h 'bexpr" that lets you see if ballon eval is working
      as expected:

      function! MyBalloonExpr()
      return 'Cursor is at line ' . v:beval_lnum .
      \', column ' . v:beval_col .
      \ ' of file ' . bufname(v:beval_bufnr) .
      \ ' on word "' . v:beval_text . '"'
      set bexpr=MyBalloonExpr()
      set ballooneval

      Save that to a text file (e.g. "beval.vim") and source it (":so
      beval.vim") -- this should cause a balloon to pop up showing the word
      under the cursor. It works as expected for me.


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