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13630Improvement to the mvim script

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  • William Douglas
    Mar 27, 2013
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      Changed the mvim script so it finds MacVim.app regardless of where it is located.

      If MacVim is not found in the predefined search path, query the OS for the location. The changes are minimal - just add the following at line #26 of "mvim".

      xmlstr="`osascript -e "return POSIX path of (path to application \\"MacVim\\")"`"
      VIM_APP_DIR="`echo ${xmlstr:0:${#xmlstr}-12}`"

      Uses AppleScript to query for the location of MacVim. Then trims some characters from the result so it can still be used with the rest of the script. The AppleScript is only run if required - to keep things fast.


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