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136Re: Vim Fonts

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  • Ben Fowler
    Nov 14, 2000
      At 03:52 PM 11/14/00 -0800, Eugene Lee wrote:
      >On Mon, Nov 13, 2000 at 08:27:48PM -0600, G. Mark Stewart wrote:
      >: Is there a way I can build my own font for VIM, or modify an existing
      >: one? TexEdit has some very nice fonts that are fixed-width, and I was
      >: wondering what the difference was between the two tools that made
      >: the fonts non-interchangeable.
      >MacVim should be able to use any TrueType font in the System Folder, so
      >as long you modify your vimrc/macvimrc to use it as the default font.
      >What font from Tex-Edit Plus are you trying to use in MacVim?

      Assuming that the fonts' licence allows, you could copy the font
      resources from Tex-Edit and paste them into MacVim, or create
      a suitcase for the fonts and place that in the System Folder.

      Keeping the font resources in an application has not been recommended
      since the launch of System 7, because it has the potential to cause
      problems with printing. This may not be a problem, because it is probably
      a bit-mapped screen font that you are interested in & you are likely
      using a distinct TrueType or PostScript font form printing.

      There are various programs that you can use to copy or modify
      a bit-mapped font including ResEdit. You do not need Fontographer,
      and I have found that its bit-map editor is awkward. Fonts are great fun,
      and if you do decide to tweak your own, you will probably end up putting
      a lot of time and effort into it. If you are starting from scratch then
      unless you are some kind of graphic genius, you will need a power
      tool such as Fontographer or CorelDraw.

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